imagination please ltd. was created to...

imagination please ltd. was created to accompany my film making activities - as a grown up structure - but most of all to continue growing.

WHAT makes me thrive is creativity - inventive storytelling with a beating heart of humanity and life’s quest to (re)create, identify, question, enhance, solve, beautify, teach, cure and spread emotions in a humble and seamless (or not!) way.

Film making whether fiction or documentary (or a mix) is for me an instinctive media - captivating reflection through our direct senses - and opening a particular path for thought.

Editing is like a superpower that should (must!) be handled in a wise and gentle way. The first montages were developed for the purpose of propaganda - juxtaposing two shots and adding a soundtrack creates another meaning that does not depend on mathematical equations.

The editing process is like our eyes blinking, our mind dreaming, our memory selecting, it is a natural inherent humane sensitivity which I am proud to have developed over the years and am still very eager to build on every day.