DRYHACKING - videography for a dance project by Louise Kalfon and with Fabien Portejoie
LANGUE NOIRE - short film editing for dir. Victor Boyer. Staring Félix Moati and Vincent Lacoste. Prod. ToDo Films
AND COUNTING... - short film editing for dir. Kieran Bourne. Staring Amelia Clegg and Judith Georgi.
STARFARM /AIRBUS GROUP - internal obs doc for Airbus Group. dir. Neels Castillon. Prod. Master Films.
1 KILO DE PLUMES - short film editing for dir. Ingrid Chikhaoui. Prod. CRAC Productions.
LONDON CI FLASHMOBS - videography documenting for a dance video series. Prod. imagination please
ETHIOPIAN TOURISM ORGANIZATION - short form editing+grading for Ethiopia’s tourism campaign content.
SUZANNA van MOYLAN - video clip editing for Suzanna van Moyland with Roman Gomez.
BRUTE - short teaser editing for Izzy Tennyson’s play. Filmed by Penny Woolcock
CAPOEIRA4REFUGEES - media managing - editing content - and currently developing a documentary project with NGO.

music Be Over To Me by Sylvain Lux